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    Re: 2012 Home Run Derby -- Game Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by 35Knucklecurve View Post
    ESPN replayed the HR derby yesterday evening and I was struck by the fact that when the announcement was made during the trophy presentation that over $615,000.00 was raised for various charities from the event, there was no applause or cheering. I guess they used it all up on Cano.
    Who cares about that? None of it was earned by Billy Butler. That's all that matters.

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    Re: 2012 Home Run Derby -- Game Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Casey at the Bat View Post
    This is the only baseball board I belong to. And if you follow any of my posts over the years, you'd know that I take very little in life seriously. I make just as much fun of the red sox, the Angels, and even myself, as I do the Yankees. Even Cano was smiling and laughing about it today. I really think some of the fans are taking this much more seriously than even Cano did. It's a game. It's fun, even if you're getting booed. And I think I will just leave it at that.
    I've seen you become overly defensive and sensitive to jabs taken at the Sox and Sox criticism more than a few times, even in the Sports Bar, so this post comes across as disingenuous.

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