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    Team Hero, June 26th vs. Indians

    TH: Hughes, night belonged to Hughes
    HM: Wise, hey guy is making plays while we rest the regulars
    The real reason why the Yankees keep winning is cause the other team can't stop staring at the damn pinstripes

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    Re: Team Hero, June 26th vs. Indians

    Team Hero: Phil Hughes!

    Honorable Mention: Curtis Granderson!

    Honorable Mention (why not, we couldn't win without at least ONE homer): Alex Rodriguez!

    And a special extra Honorable Mention to Dewayne Wise, for obvious reasons!

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    Re: Team Hero, June 26th vs. Indians

    TH: Phil Hughes
    HM: Andy Pettitte
    He'll never get another milestone like that one. So what? His whole career is a milestone. - JL25and3

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    Re: Team Hero, June 26th vs. Indians

    Phil Hughes!

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