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    Team Hero, May 30 vs. Angels

    Team hero: the Bullpen
    Honorable Mention: Curtis, Raul and Robbie

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    Re: Team Hero, May 30 vs. Angels

    My Team Hero: Cory Wade

    My Top Honorable Mention: Curtis Granderson
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    Re: Team Hero, May 30 vs. Angels

    My Team Hero: The Pen - continues to be the bright spot.

    Honorable Mention: Granderson - 2-4 w/ 3 RBI's

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    Re: Team Hero, May 30 vs. Angels

    By coincidence I was on a business trip in Orange County and snuck out to go see the game ... what a night! The Yankees should have been on cruise control after that five-run third, but Nova's one bad inning erased the lead. Give Nova credit though, he lasted into the seventh. When Logan couldn't get anybody out, Cory Wade saved the day ... and Soriano never makes it look easy but he got the job done. Trumbo looked unstoppable all night, but not in the ninth.

    It's worth mentioning that after the Yankees scored five on a pair of homers, it was the timely sacrifice fly from Swisher (something we could have used in so many other games) that won this one. Swisher got robbed two more times tonight which must be about five times for the series. And was that the last triple of Raul Ibanez's career? I mean, if you had to bet your house on whether he'll ever hit a triple again, would you do it?

    A fantastic game to see in person ... much better than sitting in some windowless hotel conference room prepping for a demo!!!

    I'm going to go with Swisher as my Team Hero for getting that sixth run in. The Yankees will be happy as they fly back east, and so will I.
    "Baseball is about hope, not confidence." -- rajah

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    Re: Team Hero, May 30 vs. Angels

    I seriously don't think Happy is the right word.Maybe relieved that this burden is off their shoulders. But, when a team goes and wins just 1 game in a 3 game set could they really be "Happy" ? I am relieved that the Yankees won one game against them especially since they are a really good team . But, the only thing that makes me happy is that we only had to play these guys at Home once. Don't get me wrong I am relieved that they won Yesterday and didn't get swept. I just think Happy may be a little bit to strong a word for me to use. Anyway,

    TH: The Bullpen

    HM: Curtis Granderson
    Still and will always be a New England Patriots fan.

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    Re: Team Hero, May 30 vs. Angels

    TH: Raul. How often does he leg out a triple - around 40 in his entire career?

    HM: Grandy, Cory.

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