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    NYU Commencement at Yankee Stadium

    another rental opportunity for the Steinbrenners as Bronx landlords.
    27,000 in attendance, not bad




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    Re: NYU Commencement at Yankee Stadium

    meanwhile, the Mets rent out their stadium and get a bigger turn out



    it was a hot ticket ...."against the internet" ,yet sold on Ebay


    anybody remember this back in 1976 at Yankee stadium?


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    Re: NYU Commencement at Yankee Stadium

    “[Facebook] has left a trail of broken marriages.”

    lol, it has? This new internet thing that came out last year will be the death of us I tell ya!!!

    @ some of these comments on the article:

    "If you had technology way back then, like GPS, you never would have wandered in the desert that long."
    "The organizers sent out invitations over the net."

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