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    Re: A Perfect Game!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hitman23 View Post
    I was happy to have witnessed it. Call me crazy but as much as we missed I'm okay with the trade off.
    Me too. I want to be able to watch any baseball history being made. I was lucky enough to be at Shea when Jim Bunning pitched a perfect game against the Mets in 1964. Seeing a perfecto on TV, as great as it may be, is nothing compared to being at the ballpark.
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    Re: A Perfect Game!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by The Comic Book Guy View Post
    should really be 8 ex mets with no hitters....people seem to forget Allan James Burnett (Yes AJ) was a mets prospect who pitched a no hitter for the marlins and was ironically traded for Al Leiter who also pitched a no no for the marlins
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