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    New thread priviledges in other categories

    Hey everyone! I am Brian, a junior at the University of Connecticut. I just joined a few weeks ago and have been posting here and there, mostly in the "Out of Play" forum. I noticed when I went to make a thread in another category I was denied by the site. Is there a waiting period where you can post but not make new threads? Clearly it doesn't apply in "Introductions," but I am curious why I am having access denied in other. Thanks!

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    Re: New thread priviledges in other categories

    Yes, first off welcome to the site. There is a time period you need to wait (im not sure of the length), but its in order to prevent people from signing up and spamming the boards with unrelated threads. Welcome aboard.
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    Re: New thread priviledges in other categories

    Thanks for the welcome and the info!

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    Re: New thread priviledges in other categories

    Brian, if you have any questions and/or suggestions that you have about how the Forum and/or forum rules apply, please post them into the Suggestions/Help forum.


    This sub-forum is pretty much for new users to introduce themselves to others.

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