I have discovered something we may or may not be interested in. I'm bringing it up to toss around but let's see where it goes.

1) When this league was at it's inception there was a lack of offense from guys up the middle. We tried to help this by adding Double Plays Truned (DPT). However the game has evolved. We have a good amount of players up the middle that keep up with all other positions just based on hitting. The defensive stats are just gravy now. I say we eliminate them altogether. This does not really affect anyone as far as who they have invested in or kept. If you're keeping a 2B or SS you're doing it for their offense. Not DPT.

2) I have recently discovered that in standard points leagues Stolen Bases (SB) are a plus 2, not plus 1. Not only does this help make guys like Bourn and Gardner and Reyes much more valuable and potent, it makes 5 tool players even more potent.

I found this out by someone bringing it up and after researching it turns out we are behind that stat in it's evolution in points leagues.

What do you guys think?