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    Your 2012 Top Yankees Prospects List

    I also look forward to prospects list in the off season. I love to see how other people stack up the Yankees prospects compared to how I do. Here's just my top 11 for now. I have a top 60 but I might move some guys around. This top 11 is pretty much as solid as I get though.

    1. Jesus Montero C
    2. Manny Banuelos LHP
    3. Dellin Betances RHP
    4. Gary Sanchez C
    5. Mason Williams CF
    6. Ravel Santana CF
    7. Hector Noesi RHP
    8. JR Murphy C
    9. Austin Romine C
    10. Slade Heathcott CF
    11. Dante Bichette Jr 3B

    Please post your own and if you have any comments post away!

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    Re: Your 2012 Top Yankees Prospects List

    bichette should be higher

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    Re: Your 2012 Top Yankees Prospects List

    Quote Originally Posted by awy View Post
    bichette should be higher
    I can see your reasoning. I do have Santana 6th so Bitchette should get some love too, but Santana has some serious tools. Slade as well and I am a big Slade fan for some reason. Where would you have him, 7th, 8th?

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    Re: Your 2012 Top Yankees Prospects List

    actually i'm not sure if you are discounting bichette because his performance was against very low level pitching, so his 'messy' swing is not yet tested. i can see putting him lower, but power is becoming a premium right now and this is one of the few power prospects we've got with a pretty high offensive ceiling.

    as far as ranking goes, i prefer to think of guys in categories classified by their ceiling grade. he'd be a risky/projection heavy upper level prospect.

    i mean, if he replicates his performance at a higher level, he'd have much more room for a rise on these rankings due to his power ceiling.

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    Re: Your 2012 Top Yankees Prospects List

    I do look at upside and ceiling though. I think thats why I have Slade Heathcott in the top 10. Plus like I said he's one of my favorite prospects for one reason or another.

    Do you have a top 10?

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    Re: Your 2012 Top Yankees Prospects List

    Your post was not directed to me, but I want to chime in. I like your list, and it is hard to argue where you have placed guys. Sanchez may be a drop higher then I would expect, but he really was coming around just before he got hurt last year. No telling what his final stats would have been if he remained healthy.

    Heathcott, to me, is one of those guys who, because of his injuries, and attitude issues last year, seems like in 2 - 3 years he will either be a top 3 prospect knocking on the Yankees door, or out of the system. You know the type I am referring to.

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