Billy Wagner has a career strikeout rate of 11.92 per 9 innings which is by far the most in MLB history among pitchers with at least 900 innings. The next best is 10.61 and eight pitchers have at least 9 per 9 innings. Wagner's career WHIP is 0.998 which is almost as good as Rivera's 0.996. Rivera has a 2.22 career ERA and Wagner has a 2.31. Wagner has a slightly better K/BB, 3.99 to 3.95. Rivera has significantly more innings and saves. From 2002 on when blown saves started being kept track of, Wagner has a save percentage of 0.873 which is much worse than Rivera's 0.913. According to Keith Law in ESPN Insider, Wagner has allowed runs in the fewest percentage of his saves among the top ten in career saves. Rivera is second in that category. Rivera is better, but is Wagner a Hall of Famer also?