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    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Barry Bonds helped the San Francisco Giants win the World Series last season. And he could help them win it again this season.How? Because he's not a Giant anymore.

    When Bonds and his toxic presence was finally removed by the hazmat people after the 2007 season, the Giants began to win more games. Not a lot at first, but enough to realize that Bonds' forced departure was like an emergency tracheotomy on the franchise's windpipe. The Giants could finally breathe again.

    Bonds wasn't just a dark cloud in the clubhouse; he was an entire storm system of scowls and controversy. Everything centered on him, his history of alleged steroid use and, in that 2007 season, his joyless pursuit of Hank Aaron's all-time home run record. It was Bonds' team and Bonds' rules. His depressing aura was stretched tightly across the Giants like Saran Wrap.

    Not even going to get into the whole team chemistry thing, past the fact that last time I checked a SF team with "toxic presences" like Bonds and Jeff Kent came within a couple outs of a World Series in 2002.

    But to me, this was a pointless slam by Wojciechowski (who, in fairness, I've always thought was kind of a hack). Look, Bonds hasn't been in any sort of baseball-related news since receiving a thunderous ovation at AT&T when he threw out the first pitch (and again looked like a normal human being). He was basically forced to retire after '07, despite, you know, having a higher OPS than Albert Pujols.

    The steroid era, which for a number of reasons was probably good for Major League Baseball in the long run, is over. It's done with. The pointless, tax-payer funded prosecution of the guy is going to come to a head next week, and regardless of the outcome, no one is going to come out a winner (well, actually Bonds might, I guess, but everyone already knows he's a cheater).

    Look, I have no doubt that Bonds is an angry, paranoid, maladjusted jerk, in no small part due to his upbringing. But has he ever done anything in his career that was as morally reprehensible than, say, some of Miguel Cabrera or Brett Myers actions?

    Certain members of the media just need to move on.
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