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    Bag Policy - Private Suite

    OK, I've read the official site and I've been to YS more times than I can count. I know there is a no bag policy.
    Here's my question:
    I'm attending the game tomorrow, via a corpotate event, in one of the private suites (Suite 10). Does anyone know if they will allow a soft briefcase in the suites? I've brought it in the old YS, at a private suite, but I'm not sure about the new YS.

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    Re: Bag Policy - Private Suite

    they are alittle more relaxed in the suites than the other entrances. Be sure to enter in the Suite Entrance its on the left hand side of Gate 4.

    I've seen people enter in with bags, no briefcases. But for one thing be ready to have to open it, at a minimum they will ask you to open it.

    Worst case they dont let you in, go to Stans and check your bag
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    Re: Bag Policy - Private Suite

    Of course its ok. Rich people aren't terrorists.
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