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    Master List of all Yankee Seats & Rows

    I'm compiling a master list of every single row and seat number at Yankee Stadium for future reference for myself and for the public at large, but I need your help. I've done some of the hard part by listing every section number and every row in each section in a google spreadsheet, and updated it with the contributions of other board members (see next page).

    This is what I need you to do:

    1) Open up and have a look at the latest list of seat numbers: Google Docs: NYS Row Inventory

    2) Next time you're at Yankee Stadium, jot down the first and last seat number for the rows closest to you in your seats

    3) Fill in the seat numbers for the rows in your section in the Spreadsheet and let us know about it on this thread

    As an alternative, you can also post your data in this thread and I or someone else will add it manually. You can also post info that you already know. When it's complete, we'll have a master list for everyone to use when looking up seats that they're interested in buying or that they'll be using at future games. Public and free information for everyone.

    If there are conflicts, talk about it here before deleting someone else's data.

    Thanks in advance for participating!
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