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    NFL facing labor issues

    Still have to get through this season and an uncapped year, but let's hope they avoid this:


    SAN DIEGO — Look, I should apologize in advance for this. I recognize a buzz-kill when I see one, and this is worse than the cop stationed outside the front door on New Year's Eve. I recognize a mood-ruiner when I see one, and this is worse than your dog hopping on the couch to join you and your significant other after your Valentine's Day dinner.
    Like I said, I'm sorry.
    But it's impossible to stop thinking about what's looming just ahead of us in the likely NFL future. It is lying out there like a big old chunk of road pizza, impossible to avoid no matter how much you want to try. And it's one of the two most dreaded words in the sports fan

    2018: the year the USA put children in cages

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    Re: NFL facing labor issues

    sounds good to me

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    Re: NFL facing labor issues

    It's very likely that both the NFL and NBA will not have full season's next year.

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    Re: NFL facing labor issues

    On the bright side, this means the Jets will hold their Super Bowl title for two years.

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    Re: NFL facing labor issues

    The doctor should go over breathing issues with the NFL. Lots of people have labor issues.

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    Re: NFL facing labor issues

    So...if they wipe out some of the games, I'm not going to have to take the hit on the tickets, right? Right?

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