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    Classic fake Earle Combs autographs

    It's just amazing to me that in this day and age, the most obvious fakes on the market (Earle Combs autographs signed by his wife) are still being sold on EBAY.

    In his last few years his wife tried to keep up with the demand and it wasn't really maliceous so much as just trying to appease fans...She came close with the last name but could never get his E in Earle very good, or close...

    But it seems to me that if a seller on EBAY is going to sell autographs, they should at least know what theyre doing in light of all of the FBI investigations of late and PSA's and GAI's numerous mistakes as 3rd party "guessers"...

    If you're an autograph seeker looking for a "Combs", beware of auto's that look like this...

    This is the one on EBAY:


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    Re: Classic fake Earle Combs autographs

    thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.
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