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    Do we need to know more about the new cuban pitcher the Red Sox have drafted?

    Here's the story. He's the cuban defector that is the subject of "Witness to a Defection" that should be airing soon.

    "He knew, as he went after that ball, that he had a decision to make," said Tony Clark, who watched the play unfold from first base. "Either you let the ball drop and try to minimize the damage, or you make the catch and pay the consequences. He knew that, no doubt about it, and he chose B."

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    I don't know a thing about him really......but it almost makes me fall out of my chair to think they might have drafted him as a mistaken identity..thinking it was Vera, when it was Viera.....hohohohoho.

    The fact that he was never on the Cuban National team says something big........they are so proud of their team that if he were top drawer, he would have been there. That doesn't mean he might not be a serviceable ML pitcher because there are only so many roster spots on the National team, and he might have some talent.

    It's a funny piece...the Red Sox scouts dressing up like gardeners to peek in on a Cuban team.....lol

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