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    Guess the Yankee who made this great catch

    OK, I'm afraid this item will get lost in the megathread where I posted it, so let's take advantage of the thread-friendliness of ITL II. It's from Peter Abraham, who was watching the Yankees take BP today:

    A-Rod, who is itching to get back in the lineup, was mashing the ball today. On his last swing, he hit a liner that seemed destined to either hit the top of the wall in center or sneak over it. But at the last second, a teammate raced over, made a Spiderman leap to the top of the wall and caught the ball. It was one of the best catches Ive seen this season.

    Rodriguez walked a few feet in front of the cage and flung his bat in mock disgust. He did it again, he said.

    Who was that masked man? Johnny Damon? Melky Cabrera? The thief turned around and he had 42 on his back.

    Mariano Rivera? The great closer loves to chase down fly balls to keep his legs in shape and delights in taking hits away from his teammates, particularly Rodriguez. Its sort of a running competition between the two of them.

    Mo could play center in a game, A-Rod told me as he walked into the clubhouse. No question about it.
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    I wonder if Mo can hit, too? Maybe we should let him spell Melky once in a while.

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    Re: Guess the Yankee who made this great catch

    I guess I don't have to guess anymore.

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    Re: Guess the Yankee who made this great catch

    Remember that catch he made on a foul ball against Oakland years ago?

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    Re: Guess the Yankee who made this great catch

    well he can be the most expensive 4th outfielder for us after his closing days.

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    Re: Guess the Yankee who made this great catch

    Last year in Boston I got a front row seat on the Monster in left center. Getting there in time to watch Yankee BP I was amazed by Mo in CF. He called off everybody on just about every ball. Went back to the wall like an every day CF and made a couple very nice catches against the CF wall. I think he would have been an excellent defensive OF. We know he's got the arm.

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    Re: Guess the Yankee who made this great catch

    Quote Originally Posted by -tz
    I wonder if Mo can hit, too?
    I figure you're half joking but the answer is no, he was discovered as short stop if I rememeber right but couldn't hit a lick and was quickly converted to a pitcher. Great athleet though.

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    Re: Guess the Yankee who made this great catch

    Nice! I would've loved to have seen a clip of that.
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