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    'Miracle' Marine Dies at 22

    So young. RIP.


    (May 2) - A Marine sergeant who became a symbol of resilience as he strove to recover from a roadside bomb blast in Iraq that blanketed 97 percent of his body with burns has died, the Defense Department said. He was 22.

    Sgt. Merlin German died April 11 at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, where he was continuing treatment for the injuries he suffered in combat on Feb. 22, 2005, the Pentagon said Thursday.

    The former turret gunner was dubbed the "Miracle Man" for his determination in facing his wounds, which cost the former saxophone player his fingers and rippled his face with scars. He endured more than 40 surgeries, spent 17 months in a hospital and had to learn to walk again.
    Story continued.

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    Re: 'Miracle' Marine Dies at 22

    Very, very, very sad. My age. Wow. I'm in shock.

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    Re: 'Miracle' Marine Dies at 22

    Sad. I give him credit...I honestly don't think I'd have the will to live at that point.

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    Re: 'Miracle' Marine Dies at 22

    this terrible conflict has brought out the best in our generation
    very sad he did not survive
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    Re: 'Miracle' Marine Dies at 22

    R I P

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    Re: 'Miracle' Marine Dies at 22

    I heard this on the radio. Poor guy. So sad. RIP

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    Re: 'Miracle' Marine Dies at 22

    I saw a picture of him in yesterday's Post. Poor guy.

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    Re: 'Miracle' Marine Dies at 22

    RIP Marine, and thank you.

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    Re: 'Miracle' Marine Dies at 22


    Great article about Merlin who was a Yankee fan

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    Re: 'Miracle' Marine Dies at 22

    Very, very sad.

    Rest in peace.

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    Re: 'Miracle' Marine Dies at 22

    This was sad, his brother Ariel, worked here with us, I remember the day he told us of his brother's accident and how he and his family were leaving NY to be with his brother. I feel for him.....

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