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    Trachsel having complete melt-down for NY's second class citizens

    This could be a positive thing for the Yankees. With the Mets having to go to the bullpen early ( Trachsel's gone in the third, after giving up a booming double to the Cub pitcher) maybe they can wear their bullpen out tonight. This way, when the Yankees touch up Leiter early tomorrow, the Mets will have no way to go. Looks good.

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    10-1 Cubs!!

    Who said the Cubbies couldn't hit?!

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    You're right TYW. The pen could get a workout tonight and be a bit thin for tomorrow's game. If the Yanks jump all over Leiter early, it could be a long weekend for the Mets.

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    Is Joe going to start Soho again, since he hits Leiter so well?? I would fall out of my chair laughing if Luis hit another 27 bouncer up the middle to drive in a run!

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