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    Phil Allard's Column - Re: Jeter's range

    Great work, Phil (Nice Walt Whitman reference, too).

    After reading Phil's column, I wanted to learn more, so I googled "Jeter Comparision Probabilistic Model of Range". I was shocked at what I discovered. We already know how Jeter compares with other Major League shortstops, however, it's obviously much worse than any of us thought. See below.

    Probabilistic Model of Range

    53,562 - Clarence Clemons (E. Street Band)
    53,563 - The Skipper (Gilligan's Island)
    53,564 - Mike Huckabee before the weight loss (Former Governor)
    53,565 - The fat guy from Lost (Lost)
    53,566 - Uncle Fester (The Addams Family)
    53,567 - Derek Jeter (Yankees)
    53,568 - Weezie (The Jefferson's)

    The Yankees have an elephant in the room, let's just hope that they see the elephant.
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