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    Re: Mark Cuban applies to buy Cubs

    Add me to those who'd love to see Cuban own a MLB baseball team. I think he'd really add something to the sport as he's a fan and always tries to win as an owner. Although I too think the Pirates need him more, I wouldn't be mad if he owned the Cubbies either since they're a big market very national team.
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    Re: Mark Cuban applies to buy Cubs

    I'm no fan of his, but every fanbase as big and as loyal as the Cubs deserves an owner that has the enthusiasm and dedication as Cuban.

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    Re: Mark Cuban applies to buy Cubs

    As a joint Cards-Yankees fan, I cringe at the thought of Cuban owning the Cubs. But, it will be good for the sport nontheless..

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    Re: Mark Cuban applies to buy Cubs

    The guy has $, passion and a will to win, which is precisely what a franchise that has not won in 100 years craves and needs. Yet, he won't be let into the boys club because Selig does'nt want him. Pretty despicable.
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    Re: Mark Cuban applies to buy Cubs

    Honestly, i wanted him to be the next Yankee owner....

    yeah hes an outspoken loudmouth, but he puts a team on the field (court) that will win. i also like how he isnt afriad to put pressure on the refs or the league..
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