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    Re: The ugliest mug in baseball

    Mike Zagurski of the Phillies really isn't that bad looking, but every time I see him, I can't help but think of the kid in Bad Santa.

    Unfortunately I can't find a good picture of Zags online.

    And John Maine of the mets again, isn't that bad looking, but damn, he has one hell of a long neck.

    Whoa, and I'm shocked nobody has mentioned Pudge.

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    Re: The ugliest mug in baseball

    Jay Gibbons:

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    Re: The ugliest mug in baseball

    It's Ezequiel Astacio without a doubt. Other guys are ugly, but he is seriously frightening looking.

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    Re: The ugliest mug in baseball

    Alright, you rotten bunch, go back to kicking your kittens and pulling the wings off flies!
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