• Some thoughts from the Red Sox series

    While it was understood that this was a more important series for the Red Sox than for the Yankees, it was still disappointing to see the Yankees lose two out of three at home to the Beantowners. The two losses were both frustrating as the Yankees had rallied back late only to give the games away with either bad defense or slow defense and lucky hits by that Ciriaco guy who is now a metropolitan nightmare. The overall factor here is that the Yankees have now lost seven of ten in a stretch of mediocrity but have only lost two games in the standings. Unfortunately, after watching both the Braves and Red Sox crash and burn last year to lose what looked like commanding leads for the playoffs, there is no comfort in stating how big the Yankeesí division lead still remains. But, itís better to be where the Yankees are than where the other teams are.

    After watching the last three games against Boston, there are some hopefully salient points sticking in the brain this morning. Here they are in no particular order: