• Is it time for A-Rod to move to DH for good?

    Sooner or later, Alex Rodriguez is going to have to become a full time DH for the Yankees. Given his age and contract status, there’s jut no way around that basic fact. Is that time now? TYA’s Matt Imbrogno thinks it might be:

    Let’s start with a simple breakdown of A-Rod’s numbers at the various positions. Instead of taking his whole career into account, though, let’s look at post-2008, when the A-Rod we know, the oft-injured one, started to show up. From 2009 onward as a third baseman, A-Rod has hit .274/.363/.486 in 1469 at bats. In that same span as a DH, admittedly a much smaller sample–216 ABs–he’s hit .301/.382/.537.


    And, of course, there’s the “value” argument. At least at third, he can provide some defensive value and his bat is likely to be farther above the average third baseman than it is to be above the average DH. But when we think about it for more than 30 seconds, we realize that he’s never going to live up to the dollar value of that contract. Like the length, it’s just something we’re stuck with. Now, we have to just let the Yankees get the most production out of Rodriguez possible and it seems that having him DH is the best way to do that. Even if there isn’t an immediate replacement and even if he’ll never return good “value,” the benefit of keeping him healthy and productive is much bigger than any con we can think of.