• Phil Hughes Q&A with Fangraphs

    Fangraphs published an interview with Phil Hughes today in which the Yankees’ right-hander and former top prospect discusses the evolution of his arsenal of pitches. A highlight:

    “I started messing around with a slider again last year, but those were miniscule. I wanted to firm up my breaking ball and have something that I could throw in the low 80s. With my curveball, I could never quite get that speed with my arm speed, so I threw a few more sliders just to see where I was at with that. I even messed around with not spiking my curveball any more, to see if I could firm it up that way. Basically, I fell back to having a spike-curveball grip, because I felt more comfortable with it and felt that it was more of an arm speed and aggression-type of issue. I went back to spiking it and have had some decent success with it since then.