• Freddy and the dreamers

    Writing this post after writing a couple of weeks ago that Freddy Garcia could surprise us is a bit humbling. And to that commenter who responded to that post about when pigs fly, aces, dude, aces. Let’s face it, Garcia’s last two game scores were 44 and 39 respectively. He has thrown 203 pitches in just ten and two-thirds innings. In those innings, he has allowed fourteen hits and seven walks for a hefty WHIP of 1.97. Those numbers are cringe-worthy. His strikeout rate is up but the truth of the matter is that Garcia does not scare anyone or fool that many batters. Having a weak link as your fifth starter while Andy Pettitte nurses his broken ankle is not an overly big deal. The fifth starter around baseball is a wasteland. Garcia might even be better than most fifth starters. But it is difficult to watch. And the thing is, he might not be the Yankees’ best option.