• White Sox showing interest in Dellin Betances

    Yesterday, Josh Norris tweeted that the White Sox have had scouts at Dellin Betances‘ last three starts for Trenton. He then stated that a source told him that Chicago has “zeroed in” on the big hurler. Betances has been one of the Yankees’ top prospects the last few years, but he has always struggled with his consistency. After going 3-5 with a 6.39 ERA and 5.88 FIP in 16 starts with Empire State, the Yankees finally sent Betances back to Trenton, where he is looking a lot more confident. In Triple-A, Betances was averaging 8.32 BB/9 while picking up 8.56 K/9. In his first three games back in Double-A he has cut his walks way down (3.38 BB/9) while continuing to strike out batters (9.64 K/9).

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    Re: The StubHub Thread

    was speaking Mets but the Cubs are hot too. Odds are there's a game 4, but you can at least wait until it's 2-0 for committing to divert this month's

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    Re: The Offseason Thread

    Lets be real for once, who else would pay Carlos Beltran enough more than his $15 million guaranteed by the Yanks to leave NYC?


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    Re: The Offseason Thread

    I'd be content acquiring a few bats and signing a Chen/Iwakuma if it means they go all out on Strasburg next year.

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    Re: The StubHub Thread

    Do you mean Cubs HG1 or Mets Hg1? Not impossible either series won't have a HG2.

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    Gigi Buffon

    Re: The Offseason Thread

    It's possible Beltran might welcome going somewhere where he can DH every day and get out of the OF.

    I never mentioned ARod. Indeed they

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    Re: The StubHub Thread

    NLDS HG1 average ticket price now approaching $1000 looool, makes no sense.

    Why does anyone HAVE to be at game 1? There's gonna be a game

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