• Trade focus shifts to outfield

    Though Brian Cashman still insists that heís not looking to an additional outfielders to make up for the absence of Brett Gardner, CBSí Jon Heyman reports that they have, in fact, had discussions about outfielders currently on the market, and are currently more interested in adding an outfielder than pitching. According to Heyman the Yankees have had discussions regarding both Shane Victorino and Justin Upton, though they arenít happy with the current asking price for either.

    For what itís worth, I donít see the logic of Victorino right now, unless the Yankees are certain that Gardner is going to miss most of the rest of the season. Victorino isnít playing particularly well right now, hitting a mere .245/.311/379, which translates to a WRC+ of 93, and is owed the balance of his $9.5 million salary for this year before he becomes a free agent at the end of the season. Considering that the Yankees have been able to have success with Raul Ibanez and Andruw Jones/Jayson Nix in left field, I donít see the logic of giving anything up to get Victorino.