• Keys to the second half

    When you take a step back and really consider the season that the Yankees have had the success that they have to this point. Go back to when we found out that Joba Chamberlain had suffered a severe ankle dislocation during Spring Training, and the Yankees’ season has seen one major injury after anther. Michael Pineda hurt his shoulder in his final Spring Training outing, then tore his labrum during a rehab stint and had to have shoulder surgery. Brett Gardner hurt his elbow after playing in just nine games and hasn’t been back since. Then, of course, Mariano Rivera tore his ACL thanks to a freak accident while shagging flyballs during warmups in Kansas City, costing the Yankees’ their Hall of Fame closer for the rest of 2012. That was followed by David Robertson, their All-Star setup man, joining him on the disabled list, and then, of course, Black Wednesday. That’s three starting pitchers, a starting left fielder, and your two best relief pitcher all hitting the disabled list in the first half of the season. Ouch.