• Yankees sign first rounder Hensley

    The Yankees have come to terms with first round pick Ty Hensley, a right-handed pitcher out of Oklahoma. Hensley will get a signing bonus of $1.2 million, which is below the $1.6 million recommended slot value for the pick. Baseball America’s Jim Callis reports that the sides had agrees to a $1.6 million bonus back in June, but as part of a physical he took on June 8th, an MRI revealed an “abnormality” in his throwing shoulder. Um, yikes? Hensley doesn’t exactly sound happy about the situation, and the “abnormality” doesn’t appear to be an injury, per se. Hensley does not have pain in the area and runs his fastball well into the 90′s, but it’s apparently a big enough deal for the team that they took their first pick down to the deadline in order to save $400,000 over it.