• The ten worst Yankee offensive seasons ever

    With the baseball season on pause for a couple of days, the news covered sublimely by Brien and the minors superbly covered by Tamar, today seemed to be a good day to once again look back at the grand concourse of Yankee past. And while that past is littered with the glory of all those championships and some of the best players to ever play the game, there have been some seasons that were extraordinary in their awfulness. The awful side of things are covered offensively today. And while these ten seasons we will talk about might have included fine fielding seasons, they were the ten worst offensive seasons in Yankee history. The statistic used for this list is OPS+. While other statistics could be just as capable of getting us there, and some might even be better to use, OPS+ at least takes in context of league batting that particular season and ballpark data to give us a pretty good picture of some un-pretty seasons. The other criteria was that the batter had to have enough plate appearances to qualify for the batting title…not that they had a chance of winning one. Here are the ten worst offensive seasons in Yankee history: