• Brian Cashman and self-fulfilling prophecies

    Brian Cashman recently sat down for an interview with the Postís Steve Serby, an interview thatís pretty amazing for the amount of banality they pack in to such a long feature. Cashman manages to discuss Phil Hughes, Alex Rodriguez, Raphael Soriano, Michael Pineda, Hal Steinbrenner, Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, and the future of the Eurozone (okay, maybe not) all without saying much of anything interesting. Towards the end of the interview things turn towards the requisite questions about the Yankeesí make believe mandate to win the World Series every year, there are the per-requisite paeans to George Steinbrenner, and Iím secretly hoping Serby ambushes him with a question about his stalker or what he thinks Javier Vazquez is worth in todayís market.

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    Zimmers' Helmet

    Re: 2015 Offseason moves

    Why not? They shared their failed $189M threshold plan with us....

    Based on their actions since 2009, it's rather obvious to

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    Zimmers' Helmet

    Re: Reggie was not a nice guy

    I remember that vividly - at one point the entire field was was littered with Reggie bars thrown from the stands. A complete sea of orange and a marketing

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    Re: 2015 Offseason moves

    Disc issues concern me and those that have back problems know what I'm talking about. Can those back issues be managed for four years? Perhaps, I assume

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    Re: 2015 Offseason moves

    keep in mind back problems are not a death sentence. look at russell martin.

    headley's injury discounted price is 60m/4, his non-injury

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    Re: 2015 Offseason moves

    None of us know anything for sure, yet every one of us including myself and you act like we know what we're talking about. That's what fans do on sites

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    Re: 2015 Offseason moves

    I was talking about how much they supposedly hated Hanley Ramirez. I'll add the Chase Headley medical reports to that, too. Maybe there really are no

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