• Brian Cashman and self-fulfilling prophecies

    Brian Cashman recently sat down for an interview with the Post’s Steve Serby, an interview that’s pretty amazing for the amount of banality they pack in to such a long feature. Cashman manages to discuss Phil Hughes, Alex Rodriguez, Raphael Soriano, Michael Pineda, Hal Steinbrenner, Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, and the future of the Eurozone (okay, maybe not) all without saying much of anything interesting. Towards the end of the interview things turn towards the requisite questions about the Yankees’ make believe mandate to win the World Series every year, there are the per-requisite paeans to George Steinbrenner, and I’m secretly hoping Serby ambushes him with a question about his stalker or what he thinks Javier Vazquez is worth in today’s market.

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    Re: Andy Ibáñez Thread

    he has a fairly large contract though, and for this and next year at least it'll be a pretty heavy burden. we all know what this team's brass thinks about

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    Re: Andy Ibáñez Thread

    That's fair. I can't blame anyone who doesn't want to part with Severino. The kid has a tremendous arm and I'm not certain I would deal him for Hamels

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    Re: Andy Ibáñez Thread

    Fair point. I guess I am thinking super long term even though there is a great risk in hoping Severino turns into an ace. Personally, if I knew today

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    Re: 2015 A-rod Performance Thread

    I can't argue with any of that.

    In a hypothetical situation, I can picture the team negotiating with a free agent, and the player says:

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    Re: 2015 A-rod Performance Thread

    If that is the language, A-Rod is hosed. The good faith clause is not a problem in my view. The Yankees can say it is not marketable because of steroids,

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    Mikey Bones

    Re: 2015 A-rod Performance Thread

    Wait, how does A-rod defend his position(or lawyer) in front of an arbitrator. When the Yankees argue that PED's HELPED him get this award and he unfairly

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