• Story of the day: Hiroki Kuroda and old Japan

    David Waldstein has a fantastic and unbelievable story on Hirkoi Kurodaís experience growing up in Japanís baseball culture. Long story short, it was a culture that demanded impossible perfection and dealt with failure through methods that would fit any reasonable definition of torture. Itís mind boggling stuff at first read, but the more I think about it the less surprised I am. I think just about everyone who has played youth sports has encountered at least one coach who seems to most enjoy having authority a group of people, so given a cultural context that isnít overly concerned about incidental things like child abuse (probably the most striking aspect of the story is the apparent indifference Kurodaís parents showed to the fact that he was being tortured) itís not exactly shocking that sadists would gravitate to the field and feel free to let their imaginations run wild on the powerless kids. And yes, I would say this was just pure sadism.