• The summer of Kevin Maas

    The 1990 version of the New York Yankees was terrible. The team lost 95 games and were a perfect storm of bad baseball. The team finished dead last in the American League in batting average, on-base percentage and slugging. The pitching was not much better and came in third from the bottom in most categories. The rotation consisted of Tim Leary, Andy Hawkins, Dave LaPoint, Chuck Cary and Mike Witt. All were baseball journeymen. Leary lost nineteen games. The offense was worse. Only two of the regulars in the lineup finished above 100 in OPS+. Don Mattingly was not one of them. Mattingly missed a third of the season and when he did play, had his worst season. His decline stage was in full force. Against this backdrop of mediocrity came a flash of lightning. His name was Kevin Maas. He was everything you would want for sudden fame. He was handsome, stunningly so. And his first 72 at bats were unlike any seen in the history of baseball. 1990 was the summer of Kevin Maas.