• Whitey Ford pitches a 14-inning shutout

    1959 was an odd year for the New York Yankees. After winning it all in 1958, the team had basically the same personnel as it did the season before. The team never gelled in 1959 and they came a in a distant third place, fifteen full games behind the Chicago White Sox. They would go on again to win the pennant in 1960, but 1959 was not their season. Bob Turley had won the Cy Young Award in 1958 and had won 21 games. With basically the same peripherals, his ERA rose a run and a half and he won only eight games in 1959. Role players such as Andy Carey and the aged Enos Slaughter were great in 1958 but fell on hard times in 1959. Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra were still producing, but were slightly off their best that season. The season started promising enough. As morning dawned on April 22, 1959, the Yanks were at 6-3 and only two games out of first. And on that Wednesday, their best pitcher, Whitey Ford, would take the mound against the Washington Senators, a bad team that was off to a 3-7 start. The Yankees would prevail that day, but it took a long time and Ford would have to pitch the best game of his career.

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    Re: The Hunt for Gerrit Cole

    Yankees are going for a Worlds Series this year, and hopefully each year for the next decade. There will be tons of pressure.

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    Re: The Hunt for Gerrit Cole

    Personally, I would have given up Frazier and Adams for Cole (I'm not that high on Adams and Frazier is blocked) but it's worth noting that Cole had a

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    Re: The Hunt for Gerrit Cole

    If that is in fact the case, I believe it was a BIG mistake. Cole has CY young stuff and could have been rejuvenated coming here and working with Rothschild.

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    Re: The Hunt for an Ellsbury Trade

    Ellsbury at even $10M/yr in this market is an overpay. Yanks probably looking at eating way more than what most people had expected if they wanna make

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    Re: The Hunt for an Ellsbury Trade

    Correct they're very similar hitters over the past 3 years and Ellsbury despite age has actually been trending up. Also Shockingly for as streaky as

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    Re: The Hunt for an Ellsbury Trade

    We are not in a situation where we have to move Ells. No, we don't need to take on another bad contract to move Ells (and it's 4 years). If we can't

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