• So this has been fun

    Back on May 21, 2012, the New York Yankees sat in last place with a record of 21-21. They were shut out that day by Felipe Paulino and the Kansas City Royals, 6-0, and were five and a half games behind the division leaders. Hiroki Kuroda got hit around pretty good that day. The tone around here was pretty grim. Our wonderful readers and comments were getting testy. What a difference a month makes. Here we are and since then, the Yankees have gone 19-4 and have gone from a .500 record to a winning percentage over .600 with the second best record in the majors. The only little blip in the road during that time was a series against a red hot Angels team that took the Yankees two out of three. Three series sweeps in a row have capped the giddy run and all were against the best teams in the National League East and the last two on the road. It has been a fun ride.