• Checking up on Cisco

    Jon Heyman has a profile of Francisco Cervelli up on his CBS Sports blog thats pretty interesting and worth a read if youre a fan of Cervellis. Cervelli attributes his early season struggles to being too focused on his surprising demotion after the Yankees acquired Chris Stewart from the Giants on the last day of Spring Training, but seems to have mostly worked through the frustration to plug along and do his job, and he insists hes not taking it personally. I cant imagine its been an easy couple of months for Cervelli, but thats the business, and it seems like hes at least got a good amount of perspective with respect to his situation. Heymans closing, however, is another matter:

    Cervelli had nothing bad to say about the Yankees. But he made it clear hes playing to show someone anyone that he is still worthy of being a big leaguer.