• Olney: Yankees waiting on trade market

    Sort of along the same lines as what I just said about my skepticism that the Yankees trading for Ryan Dempster makes sense these days, Buster Olney reports that the Yankees are “still waiting for [their] needs to be defined” with respect to the trade market. Honestly, there’s not really a whole lot else they can do right now, as there certainly isn’t any obvious (realistic) move they could make to really improve the team at this point.

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    Re: Playoffs Thread

    Toronto sports radio cited that Price was 100% the all hands on deck approach. The only quote I could find was Gibby saying Price is on board. Maybe

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    Re: Brian Cashman Performance Thread 2.0

    If he is as well-regarded around the game as supporters suggest, I suspect he could find this out any time he's ready. None of those teams will pay him

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    Re: Brian Cashman Performance Thread 2.0

    I don't think other GM's say the part about it sucks to be him.

    Cashman is probably the longest tenured GM in the sport. And he's hardly

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    Re: Playoffs Thread

    Is there a source, because I haven't found an article that wrote about his preference to being in the pen.

    A more common article is this,

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    Re: The Offseason Thread

    Regarding the Jeff Samardzija rumors.....I say definitely pass.

    My rotation next season includes Tanaka, Pineda, CC. That's it. Then

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    Re: The Offseason Thread

    well, greinke is a lot superiorer though.

    just a wish because i don't think they will or are willing to outbid cubs dodgers etc for either.

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