• Shea Stadium killed a dream

    Anyone who has visited this site from time to time knows that I grew up in New Jersey and fell in love with the New York Yankees. You also might know that team-crush began in the mid to late 1960s when the Yankees had fallen from grace and played for empty stands. Those teams couldn’t hit although they pitched rather well. After Mantle retired, there simply wasn’t an iconic batter for the team to root for. And then Bobby Murcer arrived on the scene in 1969.

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    Re: Yoan Moncada Thread

    Someone wants both Harper and Moncada, and a poster decided that Harper's batting average and RBI numbers weren't impressive.

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    Re: Manfred may work to ban defensive shifts

    it's not like bunting practice takes away from your power, or occupy that much time.

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    Re: Yoan Moncada Thread

    Bryce Harper was having a better season than Adam Jones, Dustin Pedroia, and an assortment of other great players when he was Moncada's age. 30 out of

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    Re: Yoan Moncada Thread

    you're right in that a 5 WAR player may not be worth exactly 5 wins to a team-- could in fact be worth 1 win or 10 wins, but when you apply the same benchmark

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    Re: Yoan Moncada Thread

    Most of Haper's WAR value comes on the offensive side, not with the glove, so that's not really much of a complaint. And no, batting average and RBIs

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    Re: Yoan Moncada Thread

    defensive value is real and big, but the war numbers don't really measure it all that well. it's also fluky and declines with age, so yea. harper's offensive

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