• The bloom is off the Cory Wade rose

    Yesterday, I wrote about how successful Rafael Soriano has been since he was installed as the closer for the New York Yankees. That post tried to mitigate some of the loss of an injury to the best closer in the history of the game. That was the rosier side of the bullpen injury story. The flip side of the injuries to Mariano Rivera and David Robertson is more high leverage events for the likes of Cory Wade and Boone Logan. Wade, in particular, seems to be wilting under the exposure. He had a dynamic start to the season. He was compiling amazing strikeout totals. But suddenly, he seems like a mop up kind of reliever at best and his lack of pure stuff has been even more…well…lacking.

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    Art Vanderlay

    Re: The Red Sox Thread

    There you go again, deflect criticism of Ortiz by inserting A-Rod into the discussion. You couldn't help yourself, even after being called out.

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    Re: The Red Sox Thread

    To be fair to Ortiz, it's not his fault his gravitational pull drew the ump into him. The appeal has merit

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    Mr Coffee

    Re: 2015 Offseason moves

    Yes, he would. But he'd be wrong.

    He died of brain cancer. This is not known to be a steroid related illness.

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    Re: 2015 Offseason moves

    There's a difference between using steroids to supplement a work out regimen and being addicted to them, not to mention that he almost certainly didn't

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    Re: IF Cashman is no longer the answer, then who is?

    I'd want a young guy who is well-versed in sabermetrics and is less of a wuss when it comes to international free agents. We finally did this past offseason

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    Re: The Red Sox Thread

    It's not his fault. That third base ump was just trying to get famous by calling a check swing strike on him.

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