• The bloom is off the Cory Wade rose

    Yesterday, I wrote about how successful Rafael Soriano has been since he was installed as the closer for the New York Yankees. That post tried to mitigate some of the loss of an injury to the best closer in the history of the game. That was the rosier side of the bullpen injury story. The flip side of the injuries to Mariano Rivera and David Robertson is more high leverage events for the likes of Cory Wade and Boone Logan. Wade, in particular, seems to be wilting under the exposure. He had a dynamic start to the season. He was compiling amazing strikeout totals. But suddenly, he seems like a mop up kind of reliever at best and his lack of pure stuff has been even more…well…lacking.

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    Ram Man

    Re: Offseason Thread

    Because this is the offseason speculation thread. That's what goes on here.

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    Re: Betances 2017 Performance Thread

    I know we're sort of filling up on these now but if they move Betances, I'd really like to see them try to turn him into 2-3 lottery ticket style arms

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    Re: Offseason Thread

    I am no superior talent and obviously adjustment periods and etc etc etc but the little I've seen jives with what everyone else seems to see; a genuinely

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    Re: Offseason Thread

    Why is everyone counting on Ohtani and banking on a guy who hasn't pitched at the MLB level?

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    Yankee Steve

    Re: Offseason Thread

    The only way that they could sign JD and still get under the cap in 2018? Let Tanaka walk and sign Otani. Pitching would be a bit compromised but we

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    Re: 2017 Joe Girardi Performance Thread

    Not sure how deep the pen really was at that point. No Green, and Betances is not an option if you’re trying to win. Maybe go to Chapman vs. McCann?

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