• How smart are those Rays?

    After battling the Tampa Bay Rays for the last four seasons, all respect is due an organization that continues to compete with limited resources like they do. Yes, the are smart. We hear it over and over to the point of it being nausea-inducing. In contrast, the New York Yankees are painted as lumbering idiots. If the major leagues were a high school, the Rays would be the valedictorian and the Yankees would be the dumb jocks. And with all due respect to the job Andy Pettitte did last night against the Yankees’ rival, he really was a master playing with kids. The lineup presented against him was so full of holes, the outcome should have turned out the way it did.

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    Re: Yoan Moncada Thread

    Optimism is what you and I go by, while projection is what the Yankees will make their decision on. As fans I know we talk like we know what we're talking

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    Poll: 6-Man Rotation - Yes or No ?

    I've brought this up several times over the past couple of years, and I think it should be even more of an option this year, based on all the question

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    Re: Yoan Moncada Thread

    Well if they go over I would hope they love what they have seen. I think it would be a huge risk but it's their money. The Yanks may have more info on

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    Re: Yoan Moncada Thread

    If Moncada has any say in the matter it won't happen, because the Cubs' offer will obviously be lower if the 2 highest bidders are out. I doubt MLB (or

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    Re: Yoan Moncada Thread

    And yet I'll wager that if they max out at $40M and another organization signs him for $50M, the general consensus will be the Yanks made a foolish decision.

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    Re: 2015 A-rod Performance Thread

    It seems that slowly, the Yanks are beginning to be depicted as unforgiving villains who have an revengeful agenda in this whole situation.

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