• Curtis Granderson - 195 pounds of thunder

    Curtis Granderson hit 41 home runs last season. The number was somewhat astounding. Certainly, Granderson had shown some power numbers in the past with the Tigers, but nothing like 41 homers. And the skeptic may say that no player has benefited more from playing in the new Yankee Stadium than Granderson. But twenty of those homers came on the road last season. And guess what? He is on the same torrid home run rate this season with 17. Recent national broadcasts have mentioned that most of those homers have occurred at home. Something like his first seven were hit in Yankee Stadium. But that trend is reversing and now six of his seventeen have been hit on the road.

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    Re: 2016 Winter Hot Stove Thread

    Just using Pineda as an example, he had at least 9 starts last year where he was pulled when a QS was still possible. Five of those alone came in September.

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    Re: 2016 Winter Hot Stove Thread

    Castro is viewed by many as a stopgap. i don't think there's anything wrong with that given his potential replacements still are a few years away.

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    Re: 2016 Winter Hot Stove Thread

    So, in an "era" where 2B are mashing (ten 2B with a wRC+ of at least 120), Castro is one of the few who isn't..and that's somehow a viable defense

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    Re: 2016 Winter Hot Stove Thread

    Does St. Louis's first round draft pick slide in their signing of Fowler? My dream in life is that the Cardinals lose all their early round draft picks

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    Re: 2016 Winter Hot Stove Thread

    I agree with this. I am looking forward to seeing what some of these young pitchers can do, and I like the depth in the minor leagues.

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    Re: The Red Sox Thread

    Bill- we tend to agree most of the time, but I need some additional explanation as to how Porcello's pitching performance last year was based on offensive

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