• Offense, Sabathia, lift Yankees to 8-3 wins over Twins

    It wasnít time to panic by any means, but itís always hard to not get at least a little bit worried when youíre a fan of a team thatís supposed to contend for a World Series championship and your ace pitcher gets off to a slow start to the season. That was exactly the situation Yankee fans found themselves in with respect to C.C. Sabathia after the Yankeesí big anchor turned in decidedly un-spectacular performances in Tampa Bay and Baltimore in his first two starts of the season, and I think itís safe to say we were all hoping he would start to get it together tonight against Francisco Liriano and the Twins. Apparently, all Sabathia needed was a deep breath of that sweet Bronx air. Or a shot at the Twinsí lineup. Either way, he was a lot better tonight. READ MORE