• Swishers sixth inning at bat

    Baseball continues to be a game of what ifs and last nights Yankees loss to the Minnesota Twins contained several such moments. One of those what if moments occurred during the bottom of the sixth. The Twins had taken a 5-3 lead, but the game still seemed within reach. The Yankees earlier effort to remove Carl Freakin Pavano from the game was thwarted as Pavano recaptured some old magic after Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson had started his outing with homers. But the Yanks had him a bit on the ropes in the sixth inning. After an Alex Rodriguez ground out, Robinson Cano walked and Mark Teixeira hit a smash to first that bounced off the glove of a diving Justin Morneau for a single. The Yankees seemed to be in business as Nick Swisher walked to the plate. Swisher to that point in the season had been the Yankees best run producer. Then the what if moment happened. READ MORE