• Game seven Theres no place like home

    There are few events that are bigger in Yankee baseball than the home opener. The event is a chance to trot out the old stars, the old memories, the glorious tradition and all the pomp that goes with it. And it has not mattered if it was Yankee Stadium II or Yankee Stadium III, home has been a good place for the Yankees. In the Jeter era, the Yankee have gone 824-467 at home (since 1996). That is a crisp .638 winning percentage. Since 2001, the only season the Yankees won less than 50 games at home was 2008. The last three years in their new ballpark have been extremely good for the Yankees as they have gone 161-82 for a .662 winning percentage. So yes, theres no place like home for the Yankees. Read More