• Is Pineda likely to suffer from a sophomore slump?

    Michael Pineda has struggled this spring (but so have Roy Halladay and Stephen Strasburg). Should the Yankees be worried about the righty's taking a step backward in what would be his second full Major League season? Or are concerns over young pitchers like Pineda overblown? Read More >
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    Re: The Red Sox Thread

    I have more confidence in Yankee fans than you guys do. I think he will get some boos, but I also expect that Ortiz will get some respectful applause.

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    Re: The Red Sox Thread

    There's a level of tone deafness to David Ortiz's roll.

    Just go the bleep away already..

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    Re: 2016 Season Post-Mortem

    Dude... It's 2016 not 2006. Mauer and Pujols are at the bottom of that list because they are aging players in total free fall. They aren't the players

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    Re: The Red Sox Thread

    I didn't take it as a joke, more of a matter of fact statement.

    It is what it is, though. Can't be changed, and it doesn't really matter.

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    Re: The Red Sox Thread

    Well, I do believe when he stated he wanted a "standing Ovation" it was said as a joke. He knows all too well(and has said recently in interviews)

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    goin for 27

    Re: 2016 Dellin Betances Performance Thread

    Now you are just trolling. "by the middle of August"? In the full month of August, DB had an ERA of 0.68, and a batting average against

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