• What does Pineda need out of his changeup?

    What a difference two innings makes, huh? Yesterday Michael Pineda was too fat and didnít have enough pitches to be an American League pitcher (never mind that successful rookie season last year), and today heís the best thing since sliced bread with the most exciting changeup this side of Pedro Martinez! Read More >
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    Re: Offseason Thread

    I would remind those individuals who are calculating salary for luxury tax purposes to remember that the $197M includes a number for benefits - not exactly

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    Re: Offseason Thread

    By the way, JD hits plenty of HRs the other way. Look at his overlay for Yankee Stadium. He wouldn't lose a single HR from last season, but stands to

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    Re: Hey Yankees - Thank You!

    Well said - I was going with pretty much this sentiment. It was a fun ride, And I am looking forward to next season with an optimism I havenít had in

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    Re: Offseason Thread

    Yep, that will be a blast!

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    Re: Offseason Thread

    Good. I dont want to spend all winter wondering what he will do. I hope he stays though.

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    Re: Offseason Thread

    Certainly not saying you're wrong and I completely get the standpoint you have. Just saying to me it's an option and I'm sure to them it's an option.

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