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    by Published on 07-31-12 01:21 PM

    On the eve of the trade deadline, Yankees’ general manager Brian Cashman fielded a question about rumors that the Phillies were looking to trade Cliff Lee to free up payroll space and perhaps add some young players to their top heavy roster. Cashman’s response was something most of us probably never expected to hear come from a Yankees’ GM with a straight face.

    by Published on 07-31-12 11:49 AM

    Ryan Dempster has been the most obvious tradeable piece in baseball for months now, but the Yankees haven’t really been connected to him since Andy Pettitte returned and the team’s starting rotation became a real strength of the team from top to bottom. Now Pettitte is injured and suffered a setback in his rehab, and though the Yankees are trying to downplay that revelation, David Kaplan of CSN Chicago now reports that they’re very much in the mix of potential landing spots for Dempster. The Dodgers had been the team doing the most work to land the Cubs’ right-hander after Dempster blocked a trade to Atlanta earlier this month, but Kaplan now reports that the Yankees and Rangers are also involved, and that Dempster would approve a trade to any of those teams. Kaplan reports that the Yankees have increased their attempts to get Dempster in the last 48 hours, so that fits with the theory that the Yankees are more concerned about Pettitte than they’re letting on after finding out that he’s not healing as quickly as originally thought on Sunday.


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    I've seen this a lot lately, and it just goes to show how some people have an inability to hear anything other than what they want to hear.

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    You can see why these teams are in the playoffs and not the Yankees... They actually know how to play small ball... Get a runner on, bunt/steal. It is

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    Anyone can argue bits and pieces of a GM's performance. I like to break it down to its simplest form: results. If not for the player he didn't want, and

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    Very entertaining game. I'm waiting for one of the Royals speedsters to steal home to win it rather than hoping that someone like Jayson Nix gets a hit.

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    They know how to get a string of hits and play small ball. But then they left it up to Jayson Nix. lol.

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