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    by Published on 06-07-12 09:53 AM

    The story of the present surge of success for the New York Yankees has been all about the starting pitching and rightly so. There are more reasons as Brien outlined for us yesterday. But one piece he has left outĖand its importance is open for debateĖis the reliability Rafael Soriano has given the Yankees in the closing department. A giant void left by the injury to Mariano Rivera and the subsequent injury to David Robertson could have gone far worse than it has to this point. Soriano has had eight save opportunities and all eight games stayed wins for the Yankees. Are they as pretty as Moís? No. Are they as easy? Not hardly. But he is getting the job done and that fact has been a bit overlooked.

    by Published on 06-07-12 08:31 AM

    Itís hard to believe itís only been a month since that fateful evening when Mariano Rivera crumpled to the Kaufman Stadium warning track with a torn ACL while shagging flyballs during warmups.


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