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    by Published on 06-11-12 03:54 PM

    This is not a post meant to inspire deep thinking. There will be no analysis or talk about what it all means. This is just a post about enjoying numbers for their own sake. There will be plenty of time for breaking down those numbers and doing all the in depth stuff. Part of our job as writers is to help inform you as to what it all means. But writers are just like anyone else. Sometimes we just want to have some fun. And since I grew up pouring over the backs of baseball cards and the stats pages at the back of The Sporting News, this is how I have fun.

    by Published on 06-11-12 10:47 AM

    Every now and then, an American League pitcher gets hurt running the bases in an interleague game. This leads some people to call on the National League to enter the late 20th century and implement the designated hitter rule already, which in turn prompts even more outraged responses from the people who like to watch pitchers stand at the plate and do something that approximates hitting. The latest example of the latter genre is this pre-emptive effort from CBS Sports.


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