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    by Published on 06-26-12 12:32 PM

    Today is Derek Jeter’s thirty-eighth birthday and to celebrate the event, here are Jeter’s 38 greatest hits. In a career as long as the Captain’s, it is difficult to come up with a highlight reel of sorts. So what was done instead was to use the fantastic Baseball-reference.com’s Play Index to come up with Jeter’s thirty-eight highest WPA scores for his career. WPA stands for Win Probability Added. So these are the regular season games where Jeter’s performance most affected his team’s ability to win a particular game. There are other ways to come up with such a list. But since Jeter is all about winning, this seemed the most appropriate.

    by Published on 06-26-12 09:29 AM

    The Yankees have a problem: they score too many of their runs by way of the home run. With 115 home runs in their first 72 games, and “helped” by the fact that they’re last in the American League in batting average with runners in scoring position, the Yankees have scored over half of all of their runs so far this season on balls leaving the field of play. Of course, the Yankees are also at the top of the league in wRC+ and in the top five in runs scored, to say nothing of having the best winning percentage in all of baseball as of today, so this isn’t a problem now, by any means, no, this is a Ticking Time Bomb of October Doom!

    Or at least that’s what I’m told.


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